SharePoint and network share access to go

Get your single screen experience for your company’s network shares and SharePoint while on the go.

  • Enterprise security features
  • Increase mobile workers productivity
  • Improve project management
  • Have control over documents
  • Coinciding user experience


Product Features:

Share documents easily

Upload files directly to SharePoint and network drives. Share documents links with your colleagues.

Share email attachments

Save email attachments directly to network drives and SharePoint.

Simple navigation

Mark files and folders as favorites. See recently visited files and add files to offline files (next release) to work with them instantly.

Edit docs on the go

Create, edit or delete files on your mobile device and save them directly to SharePoint or network drives.

Preview & open docs

Automatically on iPads, built-in preview functionality also on BlackBerry and Android.

Multiple attachments

Send multiple files (SharePoint & network) with one email as links or attachments.

Print documents

Print files via bluetooth or via network printers.

Search & find documents

Find documents by performing a search.

Real-time updates

Receive real-time updates of SharePoint and network documents. Define important files as offline files (next release) to be up-to-date.

Enterprise Features:

Share sites & favorites

Your sites and favorites are automatically transferred to all your mobile devices.

High speed & performance

SystAGfiles uses previews and email attachment transfer via server to save time and money.

Clean & flexible policies

Use policies to control your devices easily through our web console.

Central app deployment & management

Deploy SystAGfiles via MDM or via download from the app store.

Secure document collaboration

We work together with Mobile Device Management vendors like BlackBerry, SECTOR, Samsung Knox or SAMBA!

Smart device change / multiple device usage

Use SystAGfiles on multiple devices or change your device - favorites etc. are automatically transferred.

High security

SystAGfiles' server component is located behind the firewall.

Case Study

Steigern Sie die Produktivität Ihrer Mitarbeiter und Führungskräfte mit sicheren mobilen Applikationen.

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