Professionally mobilizing SharePoint and workdrives securely in hybrid environments

SYSTAG and SyncDog jointly launch release 4.1of their secure SharePoint and Content Mobilizer solution at SP Techcon Austin February 10 to 13, 2019

Data Security is enterprise critical – mobilizing content, too. Get documents and content securely onto tablets and smartphones to support their mobile workforce and have that content protected in a containerized environment on the mobile device – with the data in transit path via the internet completely secured. SYSTAGfiles secured with SecureSystems by SyncDog gives you both.

Corporate Governance means being compliant with GDPR, SOC/SOX, ISO27001, FIPs, HIIPA and more. The financial sector – and all other regulated industries, too – additionally needs a granularly logged audit-trail of document use. Cloudification leads to hybrid environments including data on premise, in the cloud, in SharePoint and SharePoint365, on classical intranet file-shares and OneDrive Business, combined with legacy data through webservices via use-case driven apps.

SYSTAG and SyncDog proudly announce that general availability of the new SYSTAGfiles release 4.1 for iOS will be jointly released both in the iOS AppStore as well as for SyncDogs SecureSystems framework. “Our joint development team works really hard to achieve that major accomplishment right in time for the Austin SPTechcon conference”, so the joint statement of Jonas Gyllensvaan, CEO of SyncDog, Reston VA, and Werner Theis, CEO/CTO of SYSTAG, Metzingen, Germany.

Both Secure.Systems by SyncDog as well as SYSTAGfiles are perfectly aligned with MobileIron’s EMM suite and Microsoft’s Intune EMM. It makes sense to get the best tools you can. Come see us on SP TechCon Austin, February 10 to 13, 2019, at booths 302 und 308. You can also take part in our sessions at 4:00 pm local time on Monday, February 11th, 2019.


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